Copyright © Philip D. Adams


Before the Battle of Hastings, in the age that inspired the fanstasy worlds of Westeros

and Middle Earth, a different sort of battle rages across the Anglo-Saxon world−one

between the forces of darkness and light. 

As the King lay dying without an heir, with rebellion stirring in the north and the Duke

of Normandy preparing to invade from the south, an ancient evil has awakened and rules

the night plotting a conquest of its own. 

Caught in the middle is Edwyn, the son of a peasant sheep farmer, who by the most

unlikely chance finds himself entangled in a deadly power struggle that is turning loved

ones into mortal enemies and humans into bloodthirsty beasts.

As dark forces close in, Edwyn’s strength of heart is tested and events unfold that will decide the fate of kings, nobles, and common folk alike and set the course of English history for the next thousand years.